Since our beginning, our mission has been to serve our community with healthy and ethically sourced coffee and food, and partner with local and global nonprofits who work to create meaningful changes.


How It Works

At any given time we have three nonprofit's featured on our wall. We have worked with each group to come up with a specific community centered program we can help to fund. We invite people to come in and vote for the program they would like to see funded. At the end of each quarter we count the votes and fund the project winner. A new program then replaces it for the next quarter of voting. 


Below you will find a list of our current programs as well as past programs we have funded. Follow our Current and Past Program pages for more information and pictures. 

Current Programs







Past Programs

Vida Verde, Waterside Workshop, Go Green Initiative, Siyaphambili Village, The Bread Project, Pogo Park, City Slickers Farms, Loved Twice, Blue Frontier, St. Anthony Foundation, Crescendos Alliance, Pie Ranch, Avon Walk, Creative Growth Art Center, Habitot, Potential Energy, Planting Justice, Berkeley Public Schools Garden Program, El Nuevo Mundo, Rides For Lives, Nepal Emergency Response, MindLeaps, The Empowerment Plan, Rainbow Street, A Cure For Forster, Urban Tilth, International Rescue Committee, Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center, Alzheimers Services of the East Bay, Willard Mural Project, Youth Speaks, Flint Water Fund, Spiral Gardens, Center for Independent Living, Super Stars Literacy, Direct Relief, Project WHAT!, International Refugee Assistance Project, Pacific Center, The Great Wall of Oakland, Partnerships for Trauma Recovery, Golestan Center for Language Immersion & Cultural Education, UndocuFund

We want to hear from you!

Tell us about your favorite programs that we should consider funding.